People Need To Hear Your Story

I love to hear people’s stories. We all have one and they’re all interesting. Really! Some people may think their life is boring and there’s nothing to tell. That’s what I used to think about my life. I thought it was a plain-Jane life of a good little church girl with no friends who still managed to make a mess while being awfully “good”. Who would want to hear about that? Or at least I thought I shouldn’t tell it. But in 2015 I starting getting internal nudges and thoughts to share my story in a book. That sounded like a bad idea to me so I ignored it for a couple years but by the time January of 2018 came around, those little nudges had turned into a firm and loud, “Write a book!”

I recall the day I gave in to those nagging nudges, knowing full-well that God was trying to get my attention. I was driving my truck down the interstate and I heard in my spirit, “write the book!”. It was so loud I couldn’t ignore it. I threw my fist on the steering wheel and yelled out loud, “Fine!! I’ll write the @$!*&% book!”  (Probably not the best response.)

Then I cried the rest of the way home. I didn’t want to remember the pain, rehearse the rejection, or be tempted to feel sorry for myself. Frankly, my story doesn’t make me look very good. It’s a brutal exposure of all my terrible inner thoughts and messed up thinking.

About how I tried so hard to be a good, Christian girl for 40 years, but despite all my effort, I made a complete mess out of my life. And I couldn’t understand why…until I started to write the book.

All of us have a story. Maybe it needs to be told.

I’m not talking only about how we were hurt – but OUR story. You know, what was going on INSIDE of us. People want to know if you struggle with panic attacks as much as they do. Or if you ever wished someone would disappear and make your life easier.

pink typewriter

No one gets through life unscathed. Even Jesus, God in flesh, a perfect man, had a really rough life. It’s tempting to think we’re all alone in our struggles and have to muddle through life by ourselves because no one understands.

There’s two things I’ve learned about life:

  1. You’re not the only one going through what you went through.
  2. Someone always has it worse.

Even when we think we don’t have a story, we do – and our stories help us relate to people. When we share our experience, other people are inspired or don’t feel alone anymore. In fact, when we tell our story:

  • we empower other people to push through their own struggles
  • other people are inspired or don’t feel alone anymore.
  • it causes our hearts to start to heal.
  • gives us compassion and understanding towards the people involved in our past.
  • offers a perspective we didn’t have while living it.

But the biggest benefit I’ve learned as I’m working through the manuscript of my first book, Good Girl, is that the portions of my past that left big holes are now healed. That part of my life can now close.

Where I hadn’t allowed myself to grieve before, I could finally grieve as I was writing the book.

Basically, I experienced a level of freedom in my soul and spirit that I otherwise would not have attained.

Whether you aspire to write a book about your life or not, know this:

You have a story. People need to hear it. Maybe you need to hear it. It can be the best Self-Care!

In Freedom,